About Centre for Entrepreneurship and Evaluation Development (CEED)

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Evaluation Development (CEED) is a Business Accelerator, Management Consulting, Research, and Impact Measurement Platform that is committed to the holistic development of youth,  advancing and supporting the spirit of youth and women entrepreneurship and growing businesses to become sustainable, scalable and investment ready. CEED supports women and youth led MSMEs by providing them with technical assistance services in terms of capacity building and linkages to investors to facilitate financing for their growth.

CEED has experience and capacity in building BDS, market research and development across businesses in all three business phases (startup, growth, and established), ranging from “tailored” advisory to “bundled” services for SME groups i.e.

Our Approach

CEED works with various institutions, including schools to change and transform mind-set. CEED focuses on entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving as well as building programs to promote entrepreneurship and human development in the greater society.


CEED’s vision is to be the most reliable Hub for data, tools, and resources to make business data and measurement driven.


CEED is a vital youth resource hub for building and sustaining communities in creating a forum through which every voice can be heard, connected, and empowered with knowledge needed to grow and develop. CEED supports youth, women and girls’ holistic rights, reproductive and sexual health and entrepreneurial skills set to access opportunities and be empowered to make informed decisions about their bodies and livelihoods