Peer to Peer Knowledge Exchange Group

CEED creates a platform for groups of entrepreneurs at similar stages of growth to deliver practical solutions in a trusted environment. Peer interactions have shown to drive revenue growth, especially over time. The groups are meticulously moderated and managed to ensure that entrepreneurs are  


Understanding Entrepreneurs Stage of Growth

Entrepreneurs around the world face similar challenges at similar stages of growth. Diagnosing an entrepreneur’s stage of growth is paramount in our approach. CEED uses the Adizes Institute Corporate Lifecycle framework as a starting point in understanding if entrepreneurs’ challenges are ‘normal’ or symptoms of larger problems. Our teams take the time to diagnose entrepreneurs’ challenges to best connect them to other entrepreneurs who can provide the solutions and knowledge needed at particular stages of growth. We place entrepreneurs into peer-groups based on this diagnostic process where they learn from others and are given resources to overcome their challenges.

Leveraging Our Investment Lens

CEED leverages our relationship with Assadaqaat Community Finance (ACF) and Africa Angel Academy to bring best practices in investment readiness to our entrepreneurs. This helps to make them investment ready and gives them an opportunity to approach investors when the need arises. Partnerships with capital providers is another value-add CEED provides to its local networks.