The Fidelity Young Entrepreneur's Initiative is a project which will provide both financial and non-financial resources to enable youth-related businesses survive and thrive. The initiative underscores Fidelity’s commitment to empowering young entrepreneurs and businesses as the catalysts for social and economic development in Ghana. Together with our partners, we provide programmes, initiatives and opportunities that will spur Ghana’s next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Seed Capital/Soft Loans

Business Training

Favourable Financing Terms

Businesses in their first stage of operations. Their operations are primarily funded by the investment of their entrepreneurial founder(s)

Businesses run by women or that have at least 60% of their owners being women

Companies that have been in operation for at least two (2) years and can demonstrate a steady flow of revenue

Yes. Applicants must be between 18 – 40 years old

The maximum facility for a qualifying applicant is up to Ghs200k. This is however subject to viability of intended purpose, ability to pay back and single obligor limit of Fidelity Bank.

Working capital injection, Purchase of new equipment, Facility upgrades, Transportation investments, Any other acceptable to the Bank